Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Church: Body of Christ, Mass, Eucharist, Relationship

In this session we will be learning and reflecting on the Mass and our relationship with God and with each other as we come together not only as individuals with unique gifts and talents, but as ONE body - the Body of Christ.

A Sacrifice

Sometimes Mass is boring. And while thinking of Mass as a sacrifice should not justify ineffective preaching, it does help put things in context. Not everything in this world is going to work the way we want it, and even the things we like we aren’t going to like all the time. Like any major commitment, the spiritual life involves discipline and restraint. You won’t always want to go to Mass; you certainly won’t always have time. Of course, if there’s a massive emergency, that’s one thing, but if you’re too busy to leave one hour a week free for God, there’s probably something wrong with your lifestyle. That said, Mass sometimes will be a sacrifice: you’ll think to yourself, I really don’t have time for this. Why am I doing this? You’ll think the same thing-some days-about calling a significant other or going to a family member’s play. Relationships take time, and time often takes sacrifice, discipline, and the pains of not getting to do the thins we want. Don’t think of this sacrifice as a return for Christ’s sacrifice on the cross: that debt can never be repayed. It’s easier to think of our sacrifice in the Mass, simply, as the same sort of sacrifice we make for any relationship that matters to us. Sometimes we’re too busy, sometimes it’s just too boring, sometimes’ we just don’t want to go! But we do. And we keep going. And we trust somewhere along the line, we’ll be reminded of why we started to go in the first place.

The above is an excerpt from the website "Busted Halo". I think it makes a very good point about our relationship to God and going to Mass. Question #1: What is your reaction or thoughts on the above paragraph "A Sacrifice"?

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